Art Basel


24-26 September 2021
Hall 2.0  Stand D7

Rodolfo Aricò, Carlo Ciussi, Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino
Riccardo De Marchi, Mario Nigro, Salvatore Scarpitta, Günter Umberg

The A arte Invernizzi gallery presents at Art Basel 2021 a project with a selection of works displayed on the exhibition Colloquium: Günter Umberg and the Italian Art organised in the gallery spaces - occasion in which the German artist was also curator.
At the heart of every artistic idea Günter Umberg sees a dialogue: with space, with the viewer, with other works, with the past and the present, and with the world and reality, so that the aesthetic and perceptive experience is never closed and ended, but rather changes, evolves and comes to life in an incessant experiential process.
The project creates a conceptual dialogue which relates the work by Günter Umberg with some of the leading exponents of Italian art in recent decades such as Rodolfo Aricò, Carlo Ciussi, Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino, Riccardo De Marchi, Mario Nigro and Salvatore Scarpitta.

On the central wall of the booth is presented a great installation by Günter Umberg where monochromes, bringing space to life, create a dialogue with works by other artists chosen on the basis of expressive correspondences and affinities - create organisms that resonate widely, constructing and defining their setting.
On the exhibition are shown the Collages Vibratili by Mario Nigro, part of the cycle exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1964, in which dynamism and vibration give rise to unexplored trajectories; some works modifiable and continuously changing spatial configurations, with mechanical animation, belonging to the cicle of the “Spazio Elastico” by Gianni Colombo - with that kind of work the artist won the first price at the Venice Biennale; two rare works of 1957 by Salvatore Scarpitta that mark a crucial moment in his artistic research, for he now introduces the idea of an action that shifts away from a mimetic process and adopts the logic of construction, and a Volume (1960) by Dadamaino in which a compact succession of regular perforations carried out on plastic sheet animate the surfaces in dissimilar transparencies.
On this occasion are also exhibited some works of the late 1960s by Carlo Ciussi, belonging to the cycle also presented at the São Paulo Biennale in Brasil in 1967, where the elementary geometrical figures are combined and varied in order to create a dynamic and emotive vision of space.
At the centre of the booth is presented a sculpture by Riccardo De Marchi (2020-2021) where a combination of transparent plexiglas and mirror-polished stainless steel, with holes at right angles from all directions, intensifies the complexity of its interpretation also in the stratification of its surfaces, and a work by Rodolfo Aricò (1973) whose surface vibrates with an intense luminescence that is the result of the superimposition of numerous stratifications.