Art Genève 2020

30 January - 2 February 2020

Art Genève 2020
30 January - 2 February 2020
Stand B13 - Solo Show B11

The A arte Invernizzi gallery will present at Art Genève 2020 an exhibition with artworks by Francesco Candeloro, François Morellet, Nelio Sonego, Günter Umberg.
The selected works create a relationship between the individual lines of research of each artist, thus creating a broader vision. Analogies and differences - in the basic approach, in the use of light, and in the interpretation of the geometry and space they generate - can be seen in entirely different, and personal, ways of “making art”.
The project brings about an alteration in the way the physical nature of the work is perceived, and redefines the relationship between the eye, the perceived spatial relations, and the time needed for observation.

A arte Invernizzi will present also a solo show dedicated to Riccardo De Marchi.
The exhibited works are representative of the artist’s research - based on the use of diffent materials - and of his line of investigation - in which visual features emerge from carefully controlled and repeated gestures that nevertheless always lead to new results and countless new ways of seeing, bring to life surfaces in aluminium, plexiglas, steel, and polyethylene.
In his works Riccardo De Marchi perforates the material to create a continuous contrast between surface and volume, presence and absence. The perforation-script shows the traces of its passing in a journey that is both mental and metaphorical, as well as physical.


Palexpo Geneva | Geneva
Route François-Peyrot 30