Gianni Colombo | Art Basel Parcours

12-18 June 2017
Gianni Colombo
Spazio curvo, 1992, Polyvinil, ultraviolet lamp, electromechanical animation, variable size

The environments by Gianni Colombo (Milan, 1937 - Melzo, 1993) break down the borderlines of contemplation and of the static observation of elements, and they plunge us into a transformed space, pulling us into a unique dimension of space-time.
From 1964 to 1992, Gianni Colombo’s environments introduced to artistic practice perceptive functions and areas of contact that directly involved the kinetics of the body, states of balance and posture reflexes. The viewer is forced to behave in a way that is like that of an awkward performance.

Gianni Colombo offers us an active value with regard to what is around us, letting us see in order to understand, rather than finding ourselves facing the outcome of an action that is already complete.