The Armory Show 2020

Piers 90 & 94 | New York City
5-8 March 2020

The Armory Show 2020
5-8 March 2020

Booth 617 | Pier 94

Mario Nigro in dialogue with Alan Charlton, François Morellet and Niele Toroni

The project, following the concept of the exhibition presented at The Armory Show in 2019 - where the artworks of the ‘50s by Mario Nigro had a great success - create a dialogue between the Italian artist and three other masters of the european art, of whom a solo show was held at the gallery during the last two years: Alan Charlton, François Morellet and Niele Toroni.
The works by Mario Nigro belong to the seminal cycle “Total Time”. Here a series of oblique traces arranged in a perspective progression give structure to the surfaces, creating an image of the ‘total’ flow of time.
In Alan Charlton’s works elementary forms and primary colours, lines and trajectories are arranged in visual modulations and variations, as reflections on the sign and colour that create a new space for the eye and the mind.
The pieces by François Morellet are generated by the interweaving of great systematic rigour with inexhaustible curiosity. The artist’s attentive and demystifying approach to experimentation show a new idea of space that is constantly regenerated in the time required for perception.
In the works by Niele Toroni rhythm and gestural expressiveness are key aspects of his no. 50 brushstrokes placed 30 cm one from the other, taking shape in a variety of perceptive pathways brought about by their sequence. Toroni’s brushstrokes describe a succession of hypothetical negotiable steps that express an elementary, physiological relationship with the world.

VIP Preview (Invitation only)
Wednesday 4 March

Public days
Thursday 5 March, 12-8 pm
Friday 6 March, 12-8 pm
Saturday 7 March, 12-7 pm
Sunday 8 March 8, 12-6 pm

711 12th Avenue
Piers 90 & 94
New York City