On Thursday 3 October, A arte Studio Invernizzi gallery presented an exhibition Dal colore al segno. Sulle tracce di un’estetica relazionale.
“This exhibition wants to create a genealogy ... where we read the passage from a poetic of colour (or of not-colour, which is the same) to a poetic of sign, from rhetoric of figures contiguity to a new one, based on intermixture, from absence to presence of the subject. Always faithful to a fundamental instance: the relationship between the work and the space.
It is the space where the piece is placed which determinates its visibility, its structure. This is articulated to interact with the environment, with the metaphorical and real emptiness constituted by the wall and the exhibition space.”
Artists such as Alan Charlton, Pino Pinelli, Günter Umberg signify the strength of a monochrome which transcends the values of surface to become an articulation of the space. In shattering the physical unity of the piece, they realize one of the hypothesis of Modernism and prefigure its overcoming.
In the pieces by Helmut Federle, the opening of language becomes expression of an intensity acted beyond composition, of an emotionality of color beyond its psychologisms and associations.
In artists such as Helmut Dorner, Bernard Frize, Gianni Asdrubali, this emotional charge is the image of a vitality on the threshold of poetic control, in the intensity and lighting of colors and materials, and in excavating pictorial space to explore the time of action”.
On the occasion of this exhibition, a catalogue has been published, including Verzotti’s essay, color reproductions and biography.